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Our Guides to Physical Reality          The Waterloo of Relativity

Student Educational Links          Gravitational Experiments and Instrumentation

Medical Revolution:...Links and Medical Skullduggery

Recommended: Books & Web Sites with related content

Translations of Site:   "Gravity and Inertia via Radiation"

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Our Guides to Physical Reality

This normal physical science work has been interrupted by discovering the evidence that our world is actually hollow. The book that I discovered and one that I believe everyone will end up reading is "Genesis for the Space Race" by John B Leith, and is available on Amazon.

To review this discovery a good collection of articles are available at Rodney Cluff's website.  There are many valuable links on his website that will fascinate all readers.. 
Our Hollow Earth   Rodney Cluff     and

Lightning Storm at the Polar Opening  National Geographic   

United Worlds Alliance  UWA  Korendor     * * * * *
The Experience of our Space Neighbor Friends      Index

Abduction to the 9th Planet,   Michael Desmarquet    * * * * *
     Prerequisite for all literates

Charles James Hall,...Explorer Extraordinaire, Diplomat, Author 
     Books, 5;   Millennial Hospitality I, II.....V      * * * * *    See videos on Youtube   

Effect of Light On Gravitational Attraction    Professor Louis Rancourt
    Prof. Rancourt's new web site reporting progress on this discovery is;
    Images for Prof. Rancourt's Site    ? ? ?

Gravity and Inertia via Radiant Energy    Abstract
    Translations:  Fourteen Languages     

Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces
    Translations: Three Languages + pdf

Gravity Anomalies  English Version
    Translations: Three Languages

Resolving Gravitational Anomalies   English
     Spanish Translation by  Laura Mancini
     Dutch Translation by Johanne Teerink 

Images of Radiation Flow  English version
    Macedonian translation   by Katerina Nestiv
    Ukrainian translation   by Artem Delik

    Bashkir Translation     by Prof. Ayrat Israfilov, Physics   BSU  ? ?
    Russian version   by Rustam Paskaev



Creation of Momentum  English Version
    French Translation  by Avice Robitaille 
    Bulgarian Translation by Olha Fiodorova

    Bulgarian Translation by M. Posner, Elina Bashlikova 
    Belorussian translation by Bohdan Zograf    May 7, 2011
    Russian Translation by Prof. Alexander Nikiforov
 Tartar Translation by Prof. Timur Ganeev,  Kazan State University ? ?

Radiation vs Energy  English Version
    Russian Translation  by Suzann Whittle

Inertia and Magnetism  English Version
     Polish Translation    by Alice Slaba


The Waterloo of Relativity 

Double Force Paradox of Attraction    Byers   2010
Refutes the concepts of Mass Attraction and General Relativity Attraction
by applying  common elementary logic which is intrinsic to every rational mind.  




Light Speed versus Special Relativity   2005

        Refutes the complete foundation of Special Relativity,  English version

        Portuguese Translation    by Artur Weber
Danish translation   by Einar Solbakken

"The Special Theory of Relativity: A Critical Review."        * * * * *
Louis Essen, D.Sc., C.Eng., F.R.S.       ISBN 0-19-851921-4
1984 AD,  I concluded that the (relativity) theory is not a theory at all, but simply a number of contradictory assumptions together with actual mistakes.  L. Essen  ~ $ ~    See FREE source below.

Essen, L. (1971) The Special Theory of Relativity: A Critical Analysis,
Oxford University Press (Oxford science research papers, 5)   FREE pdf.

Letter from Louis Essen to Carl A. Zapffe .  The General Science Journal    FREE

Falsification of the Constant Light Speed "Assumption"  Nov. 2010
        The constant light speed tenet, the foundation of Special Relativity 1905 AD, is falsified by Olaf Roemer's Jupiter / Io data of 1676 AD.

Portuguese Translation    by Artur Weber
Spanish Translation         by   TRANSLATENOW.ORG

Ukrainian translation    by Anna Matesh
Polish translation    by Alice Slaba

        Macedonian translation    by Katerina Nestiv
        Indonesian translation    by Jordon Silaen

Portuguese Translation by Diana Gomes

Creation of Energy     Energy for the Sun, Lightning, and Global Warming

       Macedonian Translation   by Katerina Nestiv   

Radio Frequency Energy Concept

        Russian translation of this article by Genchi Info




Gravitational Shielding   Google Groups ;  Usenet Newsgroups

Einstein's relativity invalidated ,  R. A. Houstoun,   Treatise on Light (1938) 

 "On the Plenum"  James Clerk Maxwell,   circa 1871 AD
(compare to prime radiation as force fields )

Science at the Crossroads;    Professor Herbert Dingle
Professor Dingle shows time dilation of SRT to be untenable. 

Q. Majorana’s Experiments on Gravitational Absorption:   GIORGIO DRAGONI
Includes Majorana's work with light speed research related to Special Relativity .

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Meet The Relativity Advocates       Lemmings Marching over the Clift

Living Reviews in Relativity        Who is Who:... 
Max Plank Institute of Gravitational Physics.

National Academy of Science, Gravity Project; USA
Gravitational Physics   NAS   ? X 2 



Student'.shun.el Links

ICAN Ban The Bomb    Images 

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Request free translations,  Best Review Base   

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Cramster Physics Help  Cramster is a community providing
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How to become a Technician Team    On Line Courses

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Gravitational Experiments and Instrumentation  

 Laboratory calibration of Lacoste–Romberg type gravimeters by using a heavy cylindrical ring.
 P. Varga a , A. Hajósy b G. Csapó c  

 Gravimeter Ring Shielding Results

Gravitational Anomalies During Solar Eclipse    Tom Kuusela, et al  3/1/2007  * * * * *

 The Electric Sun      Dr. Donald E. Scott   * * * * *

Effect of Light On Gravitational Attraction    Professor Louis Rancourt
Prof. Rancourt's new web site reporting progress on this discovery is; 

Gravity Assist Spacecraft Propulsion  Dr. Michael A. Minovitch  * * * * * 

Reviewing divergent plumb bob reports    Dr. Donald E. Simanek

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy;  IBM ™ Corp

Electrostatic Lifter Experiments 

Gravitational Slingshot    MathPages

Low Energy Space Propulsion   Dr. Ed Belbruno

Force Laws and Maxwell's Equations    MathPages

Superconducting Gravity Meters
GWR Instruments, Inc. Manufactures  

Gravity Meters

Slooh!  Live Space Show
New Astro Cam - Non Profit - 14 inch Astronomy telescope - Free trial  



Ultra wideband pulse technology;  Time Domain  

Breakthrough Propulsion Physics    NASA   7 / 11 /2006 ? ? ?

Gravity Anomalies via Eclipse; Saxl and Allen

Solar Eclipse Affects a Pendulum - Again    Science Frontiers

Gravitational Perturbations via Eclipse NASA  
Missing Data
,    Black Hole    ???? ~~$$$~~ GAO

Temporal variations in gravity field
during solar eclipse on 24 October 1995
    ~ $ ~  > >  Black Hole II

Astronomy On Line    Io/Jupiter light speed data, 1994 AD.  



Medical Revolution:...Links and Medical Skullduggery

Medical Books

Unbeliveable Medical Breakthroughs 

How Fasting Reverses Type 2 Diabetes    "The Diabetes Code"   by  Dr. Jason Jung

" Breakthrough, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century "
      by Jim Humble, "Humanitarian Extraodinaire" curing the multitudes.

Unbeliveable Cancer Breakthrough and Skulduggery Exposure

"The Cancer Cure That Worked",       by Barry Lynes,  "Science Investigator" par excellante
"Rife's World of Electromedicine",   by Barry Lynes,  Science Author

Reviewing the Rife Machine Infomation



Medical Establishment Skulduggery
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MMS Web Links:
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Medical Web Sites and Contacts



Gravitation :   Books & Web Sites with related content

Our Hollow Earth     Rodney Cluff  

Gustave Le Bon: The Evolution of Matter   Circa 1909, ...
All physical science scholars will profit by reading this book.

Ritz on the Optics of Moving Bodies      Walter Ritz 

The Speed of GravityTom Van Flandern    * * * * *

Gravity Shielding Updates 1.1

Forum:Sci. and Tech. >>Physics>>Relativity

The Radiant Universe;   George W. Hill    1952
Available via  

The Nature of Gravitation; Radziyevskiy and Kagal'nikova

Advanced Physical Concepts  D. Kraspedon,   Australia   * * * * *
Caution....Adverts at this Kraspedon web site  

David Bohm and The Implicate Order

Pushing Gravity;  Edited by M. R. Edwards (2002)
Available via
    A valuable collection of papers reviewing theories of 

Le Sage's Theory of Gravitation  

Institute of Physics; United Kingdom

Royal Society, United Kingdom

Philosophy of Nature Contemporary physics, via  Britannica

Physics and Astronomy            PhysLinks  

Coulomb Force Speed Research  Wolfgang Gasser  

Aether Drift Measurements; James DeMeo, PhD  

Radiation Continuum Model   Curt Renshaw   ? ? ?

Newtonian Gravitation from LeSage's Attenuation Concept
by Barry Mingst and Paul Stowe

Other Theories    PRF Brown



Why the Big Bang is WrongJohn Kierien
    Caution, Adverts  

Slooh!  Live Space Show
New Astro Cam - Non Profit - 14 inch Astronomy telescope - Free trial  

Ultra wideband pulse technology;  Time Domain

Geodesy and Gravity,    John Wahr, University of Colorado  

Gravity Topics Site   Pete Skeggs  11/03

Magnetic levitation

Gravity, Inertia and Radiation  HISTORY


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Nature Gravity in High Resolution
Institute of Physics TipTop Education-Demonstrations   IOP
Physical Society
Gravity, Inertia and Radiation,1997    APS
AFOSR  1978
USAF Office of Scientific Research
"I found your paper to be
a very novel and an interesting concept."  
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Translations for  "Gravity & Inertia via Radiation"     

Gravity and Inertia via Radiant Energy    Abstract


Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces         grav11


Gravity Anomalies    grav11d.htm


Resolving Gravitational Anomalies  English


Radiation vs Energy 


Inertia and Magnetism 


Images of RadiationFlow  




Translations for:   "Gravity & Inertia via Radiation"       cont.     

Creation of Momentum    

Force Doubling Paradox of Gravitational Attraction  

Light Speed versus Special Relativity      litespd_vs_sr.htm

Falsification of the Constant Light Speed Assumption    false_light_speed.htm

Creation of Energy        createnergy.htm

Radio Frequency Energy Concept

        Russian ... by Genchi Info

Gravity Links  GravLinks.htm

         Deutsch   by BestReviewBase




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Falsification of the Constant Light Speed Assumption    false_light_speed.htm


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